Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Such an Interesting Article

I know the people who come to read this thing, or at least think that I do, personally. I have a readership that doesn't require me to take off my shoes to count it up. There may be the occasional random stopper-by, or the quite occasional recommendation regarding a particular article, but since I post with such irregularity I doubt if I have much of a 'following.' I may expound upon the virtues of wondrous gift that is The Jones to oh so many in my public life, but here on the 'net I have basically zero presence and this is the only site that I have put any effort towards fleshing out. My MySpace page, for example, has this one little bit of somewhat interestingness posted on it while the rest is just boring and has no picture. here is the one thing I feel is worth reading from that page:

reggae sucks shit directly out of the asshole of lucifer himself. while i find many dub songs acceptable, reggae is an inexcusable malfeased afterbirth of a musical genre that should be cleansed from our planet with fire and mass executions if possible or necessary. not country so much, hate hippyish crap unless it's got a certain something to it, mostly experimental electronica and hip hop and experimental acoustic and industrial to some extent and hard rock and some nonboring punk rock and some other things that are things that are things that i don't care to classify and gee aren't you having fun reading this.

Fun, neh? Anyone knows how to remove that formatting, let me know and I Just May Do It.
This whole anonymity, to me, is a good thing. Why? Because I can be assured that my readership hovers around zero I feel no pressure whatsoever to post anything, ever. Except sometimes by Beth Yockey, who should post more often as well.

So, I'm free to do what I want here is what I'm saying. I can even do the type ov thin that to me is truly antithetical to a true blog and link to someone else's blog, not out of friendship, but rather because it it just freaking fascinating. read this below and I'll wait here.
and if that ain't enough lurid detail for you, here:

finished? awesome. in the time it took for you to read that I found out that my 'v' button seems to have some kind of rock or something under it. thanks for reading slow or I would have never found that out.

so, whatever you may think about the person at the center ov both those pages, you must admit that it is interesting reading. I personally love stories of people living Life Out Loud, which to me is taking control ov your own life no matter what outside forces, or inside forces, may have to say about it. (I fixed my whole 'v' situation, thanks for waiting.) sure, the way that she decided to subvert her addiction was a little strange, but it's better than taking it out on other people in a violent or accusing way.

so I posted these pages on my site because I thought it as very fascinating and orth discussion. if any of the three of you who read this page believe so as well, post summat here and we'll talk about it like modern people with modern machinery discuss modern ways ov living.

peace out, dog.


su pantalones said...

I like your formatting change :)

Sean said...

Some reggae is good. And ragga jungle is good. And dub is really good.

Glad you found that rock though.