Monday, March 13, 2006

Spam Freestyles

the weirdest shit is showing up in my spam mail these days. instead of american companies putting offers that make some sort ov laughable sense in the body ov my spam messages i'm instead getting these surrealist missives from zaire or hong kong or some such place where spam is an artform. i put a few together and have them below. feel free to send in your own bizzare spams to this very spot. yesiree.

i call this one: 200 MORE SOFTWARES FROM 15-70 ONLY friends.

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find how wanted.


Su Pantalones said...

Well Australian open where were? Metallica to deal with you
Tennis Panasonic in 2006 or not

How much BMW can you help me
Thank you suki

Alice H said...

This doesn't deal exactly with what you were talking about, but it will give you an idea of what's going on:

Alice H said...

Oh, and I think you deleted Allin's comment spam

chaz defranz said...

Alice H., are you who i think you are? show yourself to me, dammit! I don't think allin ever put in a comment spam, did he? i never got it....