Friday, February 24, 2006

the warm red stuff

i'm making sauce, red sauce. saucey sauce sauce sauce. better'n momma used to make, and momma made some damn fine sauce. i'm testing out different styles ov meatloaf for my catering business and i like to serve my meatloaf with a fine red sauce on top ov it with a little mozz. so hence the saucey sauciness what is the sauce what i'm saucing right fucking now. but i ain't sauced, oh no sir. just sassy.

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Brodie said...

Hi Chaz! I like your excellent blog! Good (resource, talk) about (topic)! If you've got any spare time, send me cash.

PO Box 13546
Springfield, USA

It pretty much gets spent on my beer needs.

Thanks and enjoy for you!